2017 Great Plains Summit Presenters

2017 Great Plains Summit Presenters

What do these people have in common?

  • Kasey Bell
  • Stacy Behmer
  • Peter Henrie
  • Lisa Highfill
  • Chrystal Hoe
  • Chad Kafka
  • Donnie Percey
  • Christine Pinto
  • Henry Thiele
  • John Unruh-Friesen

Yes! They are Google experts! These professionals are featured presenters at the 2017 Great Plains Summit (GPS). For more information about these presenters, visit the 2017 GPS presenters’ page http://gpsummit.org/presenters.html. Also available on the website is the schedule for the two days. Be sure to check out the many sessions available… from beginning level to more advanced users… there is something for everyone!

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