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Administrator's Welcome

As we enter the new school year it’s important that we check our Positive Mental Attitude or PMA. We all have one, and the research is so clear. Those that have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) are healthier, more productive and enjoy life much more. In Bruce Schneider’s book, Energy Leadership, he lists seven levels of “energy,” and they are based on our PMA.

Those in Level 1 have a victim mentality, may be angry and are ego centered, while those in Level 7 experience joy and passion and have no ego. No one can be in Level 1 at all times. Conversely, no one can be in Level 7 all the time either. However, we all need to be intentional in our efforts to ensure we emit positive energy. When we do that, everyone wins.

Students, parents and our educational colleagues deserve the best in thought, word and deed. Be intentional, and have a fantastic school year.

Dr. Kraig Lofquist, Administrator


Educational Service Units were established in 1966 in an effort to provide an education for all students of all abilities. Educational Service Unit 9 serves five and one-third counties including: Adams, Clay, Hamilton, southern Hall, Nuckolls, and Webster counties.

The mission of Educational Service Unit 9 is to education, empower, and inspire lifelong learners.