Chess Tournament Results

Chess Tournament Results

ESU 9’s annual Chess Tournament was held on March 22, 2019 at Central Community College. It was a fun day with 104 area students! These are the winners from each division:

Division 1 (3rd Grade):

1st Place: John Skalka, Sandy Creek
2nd Place: Caleb Schukei, Longfellow
3rd Place: Jude Johnson, Adams Central

Division 2 (4th Grade):

1st Place: Kaden Whitmore, Sandy Creek
2nd Place: Keaton Corman, Sandy Creek
3rd Place: Morgan Petr, Sandy Creek

Division 3 (5th Grade):

1st Place: Lyssa Hoffman, Longfellow
2nd Place: Emily Brhel, Sandy Creek
3rd Place: Anthony Kuehn, Longfellow

Division 4 (6-8 Grades):

1st Place: Kaleb Whitmore, Sandy Creek
2nd Place: Monte Faris, Adams Central
3rd Place: Campbell Schukei, Hastings Middle School