Staff Directory

Unless otherwise noted, ESU9 staff members may be emailed using the following format:

Photo of Karri Biede
School Psychologist
Karri Biede
Photo of Kathy Bohnart
ECE Specialist
Kathy Bohnart
Photo of Trish Bonifas
Speech-Language Pathologist
Trish Bonifas
Project Search Paraeducator (contracted)
Skeeter Brown
Photo of Sally Carter
Language Resource Teacher
Sally Carter
Photo of Sue Czaplewski
CWNP Administrator/DHH Coord.
Sue Czaplewski
Photo of Judy Deepe
Speech-Language Pathologist
Judy Deepe
Photo of Jackie Ediger
Professional Development Director
Jackie Ediger
Photo of Peg Engberg
ECE Paraeducator
Peg Engberg
Speech-Language Patholgist
Deanne Favinger
Photo of Rhonda Fleischer
NDE DHH Program Liaison
Rhonda Fleischer
Photo of Larry Fox
Finance Director
Larry Fox, Jr.
Photo of Cece Gangwish
ECE Paraeducator
Cece Gangwish
Photo of Bethany Reed
Language Resource Teacher
Bethany Gerdes
Photo of Lois Hafer
Blended Learning Specialist
Lois Hafer
Photo of Joe Haney
Speech-Language Pathologist
Joe Haney
Photo of Carol Helleberg
DHH Interpreter/CWNP
Carol Helleberg
Photo of Brittany Henderson
Transportation / D-HH Interpreter
Brittany Henderson
Photo of Lori Hodson
ECE Specialist
Lori Hodson
Photo of Jan Hughes
Administrative/Board Secretary
Jan Hughes
Photo of Tracy Jarosik
ECE Specialist
Tracy Jarosik
No photo available
ECE Driver
Kim Johnson
No photo available
State HIV/AIDS Coordinator
Chris Junker
Photo of Tim Kalvelage
Computer/A-V Repair Technican
Tim Kalvelage
Photo of Cindy Koch
DHH Specialist
Cindy Koch
Photo of Kathy Koch
DHH Interpreter
Kathy Koch
Photo of Kim Laravie
ECE Para
Kim Laravie
Photo of Ruth Lemke
18+ Para/Driver/Job Coach
Ruth Lemke
Photo of Kraig Lofquist
Kraig Lofquist
Photo of Regan Miller
ECE Specialist
Regan Miller
Photo of Sarah Modlin
ECE Specialist
Sarah Modlin
Photo of Gayleen Moeller
18+ Teacher/Vision Consultant
Gayleen Moeller
No photo available
ECE Paraeducator
Dawn Mohlman
Photo of Jessica Moore
Special Services Director
Jessica Moore
Photo of Gary Needham
Media/Technology Director
Gary Needham
Photo of Cindy Nejezchleb
SPED Clerical
Cindy Nejezchleb
Photo of Lori Niederklein
DHH Specialist
Lori Niederklein
Photo of Laura Ochsner
Professional Development Coordinator
Laura Ochsner
Photo of Cindy Paczkowski
Assistant Bookkeeper - Accounts Payable
Cindy Paczkowski
No photo available
Speech-Language Pathologist (contracted)
Karol Pickerill
Photo of Pam Primrose
ECE Paraeducator
Pam Primrose
Photo of Lynda Rempel
Lynda Rempel
Interpreter/Interpreter Mentor
Paula Rutten
Photo of Amy Schultz
Professional Development Specialist
Amy Schultz
Photo of Jessica Shepard
School Psychologist
Jessica Shepard
Photo of Kristen Slechta
Professional Development Specialist
Kristen Slechta
Photo of Paula Southworth
ECE Specialist
Paula Southworth
DHH Interpreter
Joelle Tesar
Photo of Sally Trausch
School Nurse (contracted)
Sally Trausch
Photo of Janine Uden
Janine Uden
Photo of Heather Witte
DHH Specialist
Heather Witte