Featured Events

Empowering Leaders Series Day 1

August 30, 2018 9:00 – 1:00 The Empowering Leaders Series will be a new and improved version of Leadership cadres. Possible series topics include: * AQuESTT * NDE Updates * Teacher/Principal Evaluation * Instructional Models (Marzano, Danielson, etc) * Professional Development Updates * Featured Speakers Register online at: https://connect.esu9.org/workshops/SectionDetails.aspx?SectionID=1026

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Renew & Revamp Your District Website

September 6, 2018 9:00 – 3:30 This is a day set aside for the person who updates your website to take time to get new staff and new content up for the new school year.  We will support best practice and give suggestions to get help “tell your district story” in a positive and professional […]

Counselor’s Networking

September 7, 2018 8:30 – 3:00 Register online at: https://connect.esu9.org/workshops/SectionDetails.aspx?SectionID=1028