Harvard Team 1 Wins Junior High Quiz Bowl

Harvard Team 1 Wins Junior High Quiz Bowl

Junior High Quiz Bowl was held on February 9, 2017. 28 area teams participated in this academic competition.

1st Place – Harvard 1: Taylor Schwenk, Ashley Nierman, Ethan Piper, Daniel Carpenter, Kenzie Derr, Grace Eastin and Mackenzie Wagner. Coach: Amy Trimble.

2nd Place – Kenesaw: Madi Kennedy, Trey Kennedy, Drake Olson, Liam Parker, Cassidy Gallagher, Emma Schroeder, Hope Nienhueser, Kaylee Larson and Gabe Schaaf. Coach: Tessa Kuehn.

3rd Place – Hastings Middle School Black: Gavin White, Courtney Beave, Joey Schlachter, Hannah Reynolds, Pauline Jonglertham, Hayden Stephenson and Colman Scharff. Coach: Raleigh White.