Let’s Get Cookin’ New Teachers

Let’s Get Cookin’ New Teachers

August 3-4, 2021
9:00 – 3:30

Register online: https://connect.esu9.org/workshops/SectionDetails.aspx?SectionID=1359

Serving up Effective Instruction: Open to 1st and 2nd year teachers, as well as those returning to the profession!

Feed Your Brain:
*Join a Google Community and Team
*Understand the importance of building relationships – “Students don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”
*Learn about the art and science of teaching in terms of teaching techniques and instructional strategies.
*Use Technology – Google applications in the classroom
*Become familiar with best practices in special education (SPED)
*Utilize instructional routines and strategies based on current research and literature
*Implement classroom management practices based on current research and literature
*Provide resources and technical tools

Recipe for Success:
2 days in August
*Introductions – Building a Community (3 cups)
*Overview of New Teacher Camp (1/4 cup)
*Instructional Strategies, Tech Tools (sprinkle and stir throughout)
*Special Education Break-Out (2 cups)
*Differentiation (8 oz.)
*Reflection (16 oz.)

Day 3 September
Reflection, Goal Setting, Engagement, Homework, Grading, Classroom Management, Tech Tools

Day 4 November
TBD by New Teacher participants!