MTSS Explore & Organize

MTSS Explore & Organize

June 1, 2023
9:00 – 3:00

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ESU 9 is excited to collaborate with NeMTSS Regional Lead, Kris Kompovitz, to provide a productive day for our regional schools and their MTSS teams.

With support from LaRaesha Kugel and Kris Kampovitz, this is a day that would allow MTSS teams to collaborate with one another, and with other teams in our region.

Given that this work is only possible with a strong MTSS team, we ask that ONLY teams attend. A team of at least 4 people should consist of:
* Administrator (required)
* Classroom Teacher(s)
* Resource Support
* Title Teacher/Interventionist
Options to Consider
* Parent Representative
* Specials Teacher (PE, Music, Art, etc)

$125 stipend is available for teachers from PEaK Consortium Member Schools: Adams Central, Blue Hill, Doniphan-Trumbull, Giltner, Hampton, Harvard, Kenesaw, Red Cloud, Silver Lake, South Central USD, Superior, Sutton