Top of the Line at ESU 9 Award

Top of the Line at ESU 9 Award

Tim Kalvelage was nominated for the Top of the Line Award by Dr. Kraig Lofquist, Administrator, and Gary Needham, Director of Technology, in the category of “Inspire.” Recognition in this area relates to new, creative, and innovative ideas that go above and beyond regular responsibilities or duties.

This is what Kraig had to say:

“Tim is a dedicated employee who is respected by his peers. He always goes above and beyond for ESU 9. He can fix anything and everything. He has been beyond helpful in helping us move and get the new facility in order. When you see the new ESU signage, you know Tim was involved. When you see monitors on the walls, you know Tim set them up. His help has been invaluable.

In addition, Gary stated:

“Later this month, we expect that ESU 9 will close on two more buildings of the old campus. Certainly, a lot of work has gone into this moment. After using the former facility for around 50 years, a lot of accumulation had happened, and we are still finishing up some of the purging that was needed. Additionally, even a move-in ready building has work involved with getting settled in.

I want to recognize Tim Kalvelage from the tech department as the individual who has probably done the most work in that area. In 2017-18, our computer repair numbers went way down, and he took it upon himself to handle much of the work I just referenced. Since the move, our repair numbers have bounced back, but he continues a lot of the facility-related work without any reference to it in his job description. Much of the purging, readying buildings for sale, and settling in would have been much more difficult without Tim. These two short paragraphs are reflective of a lot of work over the past 18 months that can be primarily described as ‘other duties as assigned.’ “

Congratulations, Tim!