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March 16 @ 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

The day continues to move smoothly along. St. Cecelia, HMS 8th, Kenesaw, AC Red are left in the competition! Congratulations to all teams! #esu9

Round 8 is underway and the Junior High students are working hard! Best of luck to all of our teams #esu9

The #esu9 2021 Junior High Quiz Bowl is moving along quickly and are already into Round 6! Students have been enjoying games, snacks and relaxing in between their competitions. Be sure to stay updated with the brackets on https://t.co/p6l0VSm73m

Round 4 is underway at the 2021 #esu9 Junior High Quiz Bowl. Be sure to check in on our up-to-date brackets at https://t.co/6uRQn1bgwb

Round 2 has just completed for our Junior High Quiz Bowl. One fun perk of hosting at North Shore Church is the delicious coffee shop during breaks! #esu9

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